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Hi and thank you for wandering around on these pages :)

My name is Ushas, I am Belgian and was born in 1989 in the French speaking countryside.

Umya jewelry portrait with chicken Alice

In 2014 I taught myself how to make jewelry and developed my brand, Umya, which quickly became my full time activity.

Silver bracelet with lodolite quartz



Since my early beginnings I have been searching for a balance between clear sharp shapes, with a playful, subtle, organic presence. The two aspects together seem to complete and reinforce each other in my eyes.

I like brushed surfaces and enjoy fine lines with a shine.

I have become in love with mixing metals, always looking for an aesthetic where one tone is more present than the other.

I work mostly with silver and brass, but also enjoy a bit of copper.
Gold fills my heart every time I get the chance to work with it.

umya jewelry workspace


- A wide selection of jewels in the permanent collection (that are made to order, usually within a few day from purchase)

- Choose your stone designs : this offering allows you to choose your favorite stone from the collection to be turned into a jewel made especially for you within a few weeks. 

- Unique, one-of-a-kind series are released on a regular basis (those are ready-to-ship

I do not accept personalized orders anymore. 




- You will find a wide selection designs in the permanent collection as well as a lovely assortiment of unique jewelry, both in my webshop

- In lovely boutiques in Belgium (find out more about my stockists here)

- At punctual events in Belgium throughout the year. 

Ushas portrait at the bench Umya jewelry




If you have any question, send me a quick mail! I'll happily get back to you within 2 working days. You can do so directly here, or on Facebook, or by email @ umyajewelry(at)



I was born and grew up in Belgium, in the French speaking countryside (though I spent 7 years in a flemish - Dutch speaking - school).

Back in 2007 when I was 18 and finished school, a decade of traveling started. I spent 1 year in Scotland (Dundee), 2 years in Spain (Madrid), 3 years back in Belgium (Brussels), 1 year in Australia (Sydney)/New-Zealand/Indonesia, 1 year back in Brussels, 1,5 year in Germany (Friedrichshafen)/Spain (Barcelona), to finally land back in the Belgian countryside in 2017, close to where I grew up.

In Scotland I met my Spaniard.
In Madrid and Brussels I studied photography.
In Sydney I taught myself how to work with metal and started developing Umya.
In New-Zealand therapy and growing from inside as a human, became one of my first priority in life.
Back in Belgium, I developed a deep interest in the whole cycle of growing food. Animals also made a big return in my life, as sheep, ducks, chickens and a dog joined our little family. They are an infinite source of joy, love and energy daily.

Nowadays my life is a balance of these things : making beautiful jewelry, growing as a human, caring for my animals and growing food.

Travelling isn’t calling me at all anymore, on the contrary : I feel like settling deeply and fully where I am.
After all these experiences I realized this climat, this vegetation, this experience of seasons change, was where I felt the happiest and most fulfilled. I love our humid, rainy weather, and our so green grass. I love how each season is so very changing and palpable.

••• Why the name Umya? Well, my second name is Uma, and I was called by that name until I was 9 years old. I was happy to subtly give it some place in my life again.


(Hablo Español • Je parle français • I speak English • Ik spreek Nederlands)
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