Tips for a quick check-out during a new collection launch

During the past collection launches, quite a few of you let me know they were very heartbroken to have missed out on a jewel or a stone, as it was sold within the first minutes. 

If you have your heart very much set on a specific stone or design and a new collection is about to launch, here are some tips for a fast check-out : ⁠

🌱 Mark your calendars and be there (⁠) a few minutes before the launch takes place. At the time of the release, refresh the new collection page until it appears (a few minutes before the launch there'll be a link to the new collection on the homepage)

🌱 Before the launch, click on "log in" at the top of my website and create an account, to already save your address : this will save you 2min during the check-out process! 🏃🏼‍♀️⁠

🌱 Remember that what's in your cart isn't 'reserved' until it is purchased, so if your heart is really set on something I recommend you complete your order quickly ⁠

⁠🌱 I believe using Paypal is fastest payment method⁠

🌱 If you order a ring or a bracelet that will be made to order in your size, but you don't know your size yet : you can let me know later on by email. This way you don't loose time figuring it out while you place your order.

🌱 If you have any doubt, ask your questions ahead of time, so you have time to consider the answer 🙌🏻⁠
You can ask me by contacting me on Instagram, facebook or by email @ umyajewelry (at)

🌱 I often create a highlighted story on my Instagram profile with a lot of useful info (including price ranges and videos of all stones and designs) ~ I am hoping this will help you be ready, by having had thinking time before the launch, so that you can make a quick-yet-well-thought-out purchase 🤲🏻⁠

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