Ring Tip ! Have a ring that's a little too big? Is it always floating, due to large knuckles? Swelling fingers? Here's a trick to find a comfortable fit!

This is a trick I first heard about from my dear Grandmother many years ago - but then started discovering quite a lot of people were using too! 

I know many people struggle to find a good ring fit.

Whether it is because your fingers tend to swell and change size a lot throughout the year, or even throughout the day.
Whether it is because you have big knuckles, and can only fit rings that are bigger – but then are loose and float on your finger.
Or because you received or already own a ring that’s a little too big and moves around on your finger.

Here’s a trick that I hope will be helpful for many of you!

Wear stacking rings together with your ring

=> The fact that you will slip these on one by one will make it smooth and comfortable to put on (unlike putting a large ring over your knuckle at once).

=> Once stacked together, they will form a “larger band” on your finger, which makes the ring feel smaller! There is a good chance the ring won’t move around anymore, and you can always take 1 (or several) of the stacking rings off, whenever you need.

=> Those thin rings also look very cute worn on their own, and are extremely comfortable to wear (I've worn similar rings daily for years now, without ever taking them off!). And in my experience, as these stacking rings are very thin and light, they feel very comfortable even if they are a little too big or sliiightly too tight. 

I put together different sets, that are much cheaper than if you were to purchase rings 1 by 1. If you're feeling up for it, I would recommend you go for the full set (2 thick + 2 thin), this will allow you to adjust the size with the 2 thick ones, and then if necessary use the 2 thin ones for the final fine-tuning. 
You can have a look at those sets here.


A little further in the article you will see a video I made pretty spontaneously, showing you a practical example using a ring that was about 2,75 FR sizes too big for my finger (corresponding to a small 1 1/2 US size), and making it fit perfect, using several stacking rings. 

(If you're confused about ring sizes / size references, you can have a look at this page)

Here’s the conclusion I made from this experiment :

- most comfortable fit on my finger was using stacking rings ½ size bigger than the ring you already own
- using 2 thick stacking rings made the size feel 2 FR sizes smaller (1 US size)
- adding 2 other thin stacking rings to those first 2 ones, made the size feel 3 FR sizes smaller (about 1 ¼ or 1 ½  US size).

You’ll find additional comments on these conclusions at the bottom of this article

In other words : based on this experience I would recommend getting*

- 2 thick stacking rings if you need to make a ring go down 2 sizes
- 2 thick + 1 thin stacking rings if you need to make a ring go down 2,5 sizes
- 2 thick + 2 thin stacking rings if you need to make a ring go down 3 sizes

*Important note : this is just 1 experience, and as I explain in the video, it is a quite personal aspect that'll depend on your own finger shape and personal comfort. I cannot guarantee using x stacking rings will feel like the size goes down x, like it did for me, but I hope this will help you get an idea of possible solutions for yourself! 

You'll find the sets I offer here

As I know I mention a lot of numbers that probably make it a little confusing in the video, you’ll find a recap below, so you get a better understanding of the numbers 

Recap of numbers mentioned in the video :

Ring size in the video : FR 57    (US 8 1/4)

My finger size : 54,25    (US 7 1/8)
Size difference between finger & ring :  FR  2,75  (small US 1 ½)

All the stacking rings I used were 0,5 size bigger than the original ring (= ± ¼ US size) : FR 57,5  (US 8 ½)

When using 2 thick stacking rings, the rings together felt like a size : FR 55  (US 7 1/4)

Using 1 more thin ring, the size felt pretty right for my finger : ±FR 54,25 (±US 7 1/8)

Using yet 1 more thin ring, the size felt about a : FR  54 (US 7)


Additional note : I tested different sizes for the stacking rings used to make a big ring feel smaller, and what turned out the most comfortable in my experience was to use stacking rings 0,5 size bigger than the ring with stone. This may sound surprising! But using rings of the "correct size for the finger" turned out to feel too tight and uncomfortable worn all together. I tried stacking rings in the size of the ring with stone, and still, 0,5 size bigger felt the most comfortable. 

If you have experience with this trick, or try it out after reading this article, I would loooove hearing your thoughts and experience! It could also be super useful for the other humans struggling with the same kind of situation. Feel free to leave me a comment below, or send me an email :) 

Check ou the sets of stacking rings shown in the video here


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