My elderflower syrup recipe!

Very simple, and incredibly delicious


- in beverages such as : kefir, cocktails, or as syrup (try it in sparkling water, with lemon and fresh mint!), even in tea!
- on bread (try it with goat cheese mmh)
- in yoghurt
- in salad dressings (try with cold quinoa, feta, arugula 🤤)

For about 7 jam pots :

🌼You need 25-30 flower bouquets.
🌼 Remove as much of the stems as you can (they give a bitter taste)
🌼 Pour 1 liter of pure apple juice on the flowers, and cover + wait 24h
🌼 Filter to remove the flowers, pour in a pot, add 1kg sugar (I use jam sugar), and heat at low/medium heat.
🌼 Once it starts boiling, leave it for 4 minutes more.
🌼 Remove the foam (yummy on bread, yoghurt, cake..)
🌼 Pour in sterilized pots
🌼 You can add some fresh flowers to adorn and add a little bit of texture 👌🏻🤗

I made about 45 pots last years, and just opened the last one. So I’m considering making about 50 this year 🤪🎉

Enjoy and let me know what you think if you try it out ☀️🥰

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