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My elderflower syrup recipe!

I use it in so many different ways : in kefir, cocktails, or as syrup (try it in sparkling water, with lemon and fresh mint!), even in tea! On bread (try it with goat cheese mmh), in yoghurt or in salad dressings (try with cold quinoa, feta, arugula 🤤). Super simple and easy recipe for about 7 pots

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Big changes in the shop!

Umya is growing each day together with me, the human behind it all, and it is now time for us to step into a new phase!Here's the big line of what's happening

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My experience of Femto Lasik laser eye operation

I recently had eye surgery, and it was an incredibly smooth and easy experience. As the surgery sounded so scary before I even knew anything about it, hearing feedback directly from people who had experience it felt incredibly reassuring. So I thought I'd share my experience too :)

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