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Tips for a quick check-out during a new collection launch

During the past collection launches, quite a few of you let me know they were very heartbroken to have missed out on a jewel or a stone, as it was sold within the first minutes. If you have your heart very much set on a specific stone or design and a new collection is about to launch, here are some tips for a fast check-out : ⁠⠀⁠⠀🌱 Mark your calendars and be there (⁠) a few minutes before the launch takes place. At the time of the release, refresh the new collection page until it appears(today's release takes place at 5.30pm (Brussels time)⁠)⁠⠀ 🌱 Subscribe to the newsletter to receive a little reminder 10-15min before the launch takes place. You will have...

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The end of personalized jewels

I have decided not to make personalized jewels anymore – but offer a last chance at it before I close this service officially after this Sunday January 17th ’21. What are custom jewels? Those are jewels that are designed entirely together. I have an in-depth process in place, to help you think and put into words what you would like to create with me.I had announced this offering would open again on January 15th 2021, and as some of you were maybe waiting for this day to arrive, I want to give you a last chance before I close this service for good. 

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Ring Tip ! Have a ring that's a little too big? Is it always floating, due to large knuckles? Swelling fingers? Here's a trick to find a comfortable fit!

This is a trick I first heard about from my dear Grandmother many years ago - but then started discovering quite a lot of people were using too!  I know many people struggle to find a good ring fit. Whether it is because your fingers tend to swell and change size a lot throughout the year, or even throughout the day. Whether it is because you have big knuckles, and can only fit rings that are bigger – but then are loose and float on your finger. Or because you received or already own a ring that’s a little too big and moves around on your finger. Here’s a trick that I hope will be helpful for many of you!...

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