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My experience of Femto Lasik laser eye operation

I recently had eye surgery, and it was an incredibly smooth and easy experience. As the surgery sounded so scary before I even knew anything about it, hearing feedback directly from people who had experience it felt incredibly reassuring. So I thought I'd share my experience too :)

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Mohs Hardness Scale

The Mohs hardness scale gives information on the hardness of the stones. The smaller their number on the scale, the more love they will need in the way you care for them ~ as they may be more sensitive to scratches or may even end up with cracks. I've put together a list of the stones I like to use as an easy, quick reference for you

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Tips for a quick check-out during a new collection launch

During the past collection launches, quite a few of you let me know they were very heartbroken to have missed out on a jewel or a stone, as it was sold within the first minutes. If you have your heart very much set on a specific stone or design and a new collection is about to launch, here are some tips for a fast check-out

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