Big changes in the shop!

Umya is growing each day together with me, the human behind it all, and it is now time for us to step into a new phase!

Here's the big line of what's happening :

On Monday April 18th 2022 :

1) a lot of jewels out of the Everyday collection will be removed from the shop. You can see these here for a last chance at purchasing them. 
2) the prices of all the remaining jewels will be increased 


From Thursday April 14th until Sunday April 17th : 

Before the changes happen, there will be a 10% sale SHOP WIDE.

The discount code is "GOODBYE"
If you're not used to using coupon codes : simply add your chosen jewel to your cart, click to Check Out, in "Discount code" type "GOODBYE", then click "Apply". 
You can also use this link so the discount will be applied automatically. 

I'm having this sale as a thank you for your support, and as a celebration for the changes coming ~ which are representative of Umya's growth.
It'll be a nice time to enjoy any item of the shop at a reduced price.
(The sale will also apply to the OOAK pieces and the Choose Your Stone designs!)


If you wonder : and after that, what then? 
By removing designs that don't resonate with my creativity and inspiration anymore, I am making space in my life to only work on designs that really excite me and bring me joy. It also clarifies my brand's atmosphere. 
By valuing my work in a way that feels more respectful of my craftsmanship, my years of experience, and all the love and attention I put in every step of creating and shipping and order, it will... 
Give me more space to create and develop new offerings. I will have time for inspiration to flow, to experiment, to improve small and big facets of Umya. 
I see myself pretty much continuing on the same path as I was on the past year : launching new collections of unique pieces (such as Echo earrings, Aela ear jackets, Lua rings,...), as well as new Choose Your Stone designs, and the occasional new design for the Everyday jewelry collection. 
But I also feel some new creative path awaits me, for which I've felt a calling for a long long time, and to which I want to give space to uncover, thanks to these changes. The funny thing is I don't exactly know what it is, and I kind of feel like jumping into the unknown. But with a strong feeling that something beautiful and exciting is hiding there. 

A new release will take place soon after the changes :)

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