Tips for a quick check-out during a new collection launch

During the past collection launches, quite a few of you let me know they were very heartbroken to have missed out on a jewel or a stone, as it was sold within the first minutes. 

If you have your heart very much set on a specific stone or design and a new collection is about to launch, here are some tips for a fast check-out : ⁠

🌱 If you have any doubt, ask your questions ahead of time, to have time to consider the answer 🙌🏻⁠
You can ask me by contacting me on Instagram, facebook or by email @ umyajewelry (at)

🌱 I often create a highlighted story on my Instagram profile with a lot of useful info (including price ranges and videos of all stones and designs) ~ I am hoping this will help you be ready, by having had thinking time before the launch, so that you can make a quick-yet-well-thought-out purchase 🤲🏻⁠

🌱 Before the launch, click on "log in" at the top of my website and create an account, to already save your address : this will save you 2min during the check-out process! 🏃🏼‍♀️⁠

🌱 Mark your calendars and be there a few minutes before the launch takes place. Log in to your account. Then go to the home page (⁠) where you will find a direct link to the new release at the top.

🌱 At the time of the release, refresh the page until the new jewels appear.

🌱 Remember that what's in your cart isn't 'reserved' until it is purchased, so if your heart is really set on something I recommend you complete your order quickly

🌱 If you order a ring or a bracelet that will be made to order in your size, but you don't know your size yet : that's ok! Place your order, we'll discuss your size later on by email.

⁠🌱 I believe using Paypal is fastest payment method⁠

⁠🌱 If you don't have another payment method, and your bank tends to request a confirmation using a card reader (which may take a few minutes to process) - I would suggest you to select the payment method "Bank Deposit". This will allow you to validate your order, and to then peacefully manually make me a bank transfer of the corresponding amount (the steps will be explained).

⁠🌱 As I have seen people being confused when reaching the payment step, here's a clarification : 

you can use some Express checkout methods (shop pay or paypal)
-> OR <- you can use many other methods, filling your details just below that. 

So : if you don't have paypal or shop pay, don't worry!
Simply scroll down below the quick checkout option. Fill in your address, and select your preferred payment method. 
(there are many different ones available, including bancontact, ideal, visa, mastercard, and bank deposit)

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