The end of personalized jewels

How I ended up making the decision

Like I do every year, last September I announced custom orders were being put on hold until mid-January – to allow me to focus on the intensity that takes place every year during the holiday season.
During that time, as I was receiving a lot of requests, I made a list and took note of everyone asking me about a custom project, promising to contact them first thing, once these would happen again in January.

As the months went by, I felt more and more hesitant about the idea to re-open this offering at all. Those projects have always held a very important place in my heart, and been beautiful to experience. It is very special and truly meaningful to create a design, together with the customer who’ll wear it - or gift it to someone they love. To include so much love and personal intentions into a jewel.

But these projects also require a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of commitment on my part.
And this year I feel the desire to experience focusing my energy in other aspects of my business.

Taking this decision feels like a big step into clarity regarding what this dear business of mine has to offer.
Until now I had always been putting energy in any and all directions : events, custom projects, wedding rings, retailers, new collection releases, ongoing collection in the shop,…

But this year I will focus my energy on fewer directions, and I look forward to the inner peace that will come from this decision.

My aspirations for the coming year

• I will be releasing regular collections in the shop, with a highlight on the “choose your stone” concept which I offered for the first time back in November, and which received such an incredible enthusiasm from you all! 

• I will be announcing new collaborations with beautiful boutiques throughout the year. (I’m very excited and happy to say 2 amazing new retailers will offer my work starting next month!)

• And I hope to be present at 1 big event, the Christmas market of Louvain-la-Neige, most of the month of December

These are my current intentions and aspirations, we’ll see how the year will unfold :)


So, let’s recap, and how to apply for a last spot : 

I have decided not to make personalized jewels anymore – but offer a last chance at it before I close this service officially after this Sunday January 17th ’21.

What are custom jewels? Those are jewels that are designed entirely together. I have an in-depth process in place, to help you think and put into words what you would like to create with me.

I had announced this offering would open again on January 15th 2021, and as some of you were maybe waiting for this day to arrive, I want to give you a last chance before I close this service for good.

As I already have a long waiting list for those, I will only offer 3 more spots for a custom jewel. If you are interested to apply for one spot, have a look at the useful info stated below, and simply contact me before coming Monday Jan. 18thso I add you to the list. Ideally, write a few words about the jewel idea you have (if you have one, if not, no worries), and state the estimated budget you have for it.

Everyone from the waiting list should have received an email/message from me by now. You will need to confirm your interest before Monday too.

Good to know before you apply : 

- Timing : a typical custom-process requires about 2-2,5 months time, from the day we start discussing it to the day your jewel is ready to be shipped. As I won’t be able to attend to everyone on the list at once, 1-2 months might pass before your turns arrive and we start discussing your personalized jewel. 

- Budget : Because of my deep commitment into each project and the time that is needed for the personalization step (when we go back and forth discussing sketched design ideas through email), custom jewels are more expensive than jewels that are offered as is in the shop.
The starting-price of a custom jewel without stone is set at 200€. It is advised you have some budget-margin above the starting price, to allow space for creativity.

- Applying for a spot/confirming your interest doesn’t mean you commit to ordering a jewel. You will have the chance to go through an in-depth brainstorming with a lot of useful information, before you make the final decision to commit.

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