Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them
Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them

Crossing circle earrings • very versatile : up to 5 ways to wear them

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These silver earrings are amazing because they can be worn in up to 5 different ways, depending on what set you select :

there are 3 different stud earrings to choose from :

• with a white labradorite stone
• with an ethnic sphere
•composed of a simple bowl

There are 3 ways to wear the stud earring :
1) EAR JACKETS : With the stud earrings, you can wear the crossing-circles as ear jackets : putting the stud in, then the crossing-circles behind the lobe, and finally the backing.
2) FRONT : You can also wear the crossing-circles on the front of the lobe.
3) MINIMAL : And even wear the stud earrings on their own! (check out the photos to see how it looks like when worn)

how good do the crossing-circles look on simple ear wires as well?!

and suddenly they become long dangling earrings, composed of a multitude of circles - I love this option and have been wearing it often since I made them!

All these option makes it super fun to play around, even wearing them asymmetrically : I've loved wearing it on a stone on one side, and on a hoop on the other side.
Depending on the style you like the most, you can select the perfect set for yourself ! Studs? Ear wire? Hoops? Pick your favorite and enjoy!


They are some of my proudest creations to date, I especially am in love with the way they provide lots of volume with the two circles crossing, and the way the smaller circle seams to float under the ear lobe.

Despite their size, they have a super comfortable weight, perfect for everyday wear. They will also clearly add a very special touch to your ears on special occasions.

... and you could also keep on playing and being creative, wearing them with other stud earrings (or even thin hoops) you may already have in your jewelry box!

••• IN SHORT •••
• Material : sterling silver (and white labradorite if you choose the stone option)
• Color : silver metal (and white stone with subtle turquoise flashes)
• Finish : rather shiny
• DIMENSIONS : the outer circle is 3,7cm wide (1.46 "). The ear wires are about 1,6cm (0.63"). The optional hoops are about 2,4cm ø (0.95")
• Backings : The studs come with sterling silver butterfly backings, and the ear wires with small discrete plastic backings.

• A part from the optional hoops, everything is completely handmade by my only two hands. I use metal sheets, wire and balls. I solder, file, sand, dome, hammer, saw,... Metal is my muse!
• Care : You will receive care instructions together with your order
• Packaging : I pay a lot of attention to the packaging, it will arrive ready to gift :)
(Ring & necklace chart below)

Cuff bracelet Size Guide :

cuff bracelet size guide umya jewelry
1. Measure the width of your wrist (right above the prominent "wrist bone"), using a hard ruler. (the wrist pictured has a size 6cm)

2. Already have a cuff that fits? Measure its inner width to find our your size. (It needs to be an oval open cuff bracelet similar to the one pictured)

convertion inch cm cuff bracelet size guide

Recommendations for a not too tight and not too loose fit :
• If your wrist is rather round, and you appear to fit between two sizes, you may choose the size below
• If your wrist is rather flat, and you appear to fit between two sizes, you may choose de upper size.
• You will also very easily be able to adjust the cuff slightly, closing it a little or opening it a little, including adjusting the shape a little, for a perfect fit.
• Need another size? Let me know : it is most likely doable, without extra cost.

Ring size guide

As I get this question a lot : kindly note that coming to my house to measure your finger is not a service I offer :) Thank you for your understanding ! However I will gladly help you by email if you have any doubt or struggle to determine your size, after reading this guide. Do not hesitate to reach out!


Dont know your ring size? Here are some ways to find it out : 

a • Go to a jewelry shop
Ask for your size in a jewelry shop, they normally always offer that for free and it will take just a minute.

b • Use one of your ring
If you have a ring that perfectly fits the finger you are wanting to buy a ring for : measure its inside diameter : 

How to measure the inside diameter of your ring

If you use this method, you can let me know your needed size in the little note in your cart (no need to convert it using the conversion chart).

If you need to convert the inside ø result to a US or FR size reference, you'll find a conversion chart below.

Very important !
- the ring needs to be perfectly round for a correct measurement (no open ring, no unshaped ring)
- use a thin ring to measure this : if you use a large ring, the size will not be accurate. (it should be less than 5mm/0.196" in width)

If you aren't sure of the size you see, you can send me a picture of your ring on the ruler.

c • Purchase a ring sizer online :
For a few € you can get yourself a ring sizer online. I recommend the kind with multiple rings shown below, which will give you a more precise result 

Size conversion chart

ring size chart umya jewelry

Necklace lengths

Necklace lengths cm - inches

Do you accept return or exchanges? 

• For most items purchased online, YES! You can find more info about this here.
• Free return : if you activate the service before ordering, PayPal will refund the Return shipping! More about it clicking here


How much does shipping cost? 

The shipping costs will vary depending on your order's total, and will very often be free, worldwide. It is calculated at checkout when you enter your delivery address. 

Here's the costs range you will find : 

Belgium : Free - 2.50€
Rest of the World : Free - 5.50€

When will my order ship? 

If your item is ready to ship : it means your jewel is already made and in stock.
It will usually ship within 1-3 working days, after I receive your paid order

If your item is made to order : it means I will make it specially for you after you purchase it, and therefore need a few extra days for its creation, before it can ship. 
Most of the time it will ship within 3-5 working days, after I receive your paid order (so it is a pretty fast process!). 
In some rare occasions, instead of 3-5 working days it may take 1-2 weeks, or a little more. This is the case for jewels with stone, or the most complex earring designs in volume that are composed of 15+ elements. 

You can see if your item is ready to ship in its description. If you have any doubt about a specific item, feel free to contact me, I'll gladly help you further! :) 

(After you purchase something from me, you will always receive an email letting you know when your order is scheduled to ship, so you know what to expect.)

When will I receive my order? 

Orders ship with the national Post service. 
Here are the estimated delivery time from Belgium to the world (these are to be added to the few days described above) :

Belgium : 1-3 working days 
Europe : 3-7 working days 
USA : most of the time 10 days, in rare occasions up to 3-4 weeks
Rest of the world : 1-3 weeks

Will I be able to track my parcel?

If the tracking service isn't included, you will always have the possibility to select a shipping with a tracking service at checkout. 
You will clearly see that info before the payment step.


My jewelry come ready to gift, in a beautiful little wooden box with my logo in golden ink on top. It is tided with natural elements and adorned with a dried poppy flower hand harvested in the fields where I live. 

I love including little gift notes, if you place an order to be gifted to a loved one. Feel free to leave me a note at check out if you'd like that with your order. 

You will also receive a polishing cloth, care instructions, and your certificate of warranty together with your order. 

If you order several items and don't request them to be packed individually, I might pack them together in one box if I consider they have confortable room.