Event : In Person Choose Your Stone

Here are some useful infos for you, so you know what to expect during our meeting, and can prepare the best possible!

I look so much forward to spending this special time with you and these treasures :)

(Haven't reserved your spot yet? Find out when the next event will take place here)

Where : Rue Jules Coisman 17, 1320 Hamme-Mille (or Beauvechain, or Mille - it's the same).
Leave your car in the street along the sidewalk (4 wheels on the road)

How ordering takes place :

You were given a precise time for the meeting. During half an hour, you'll get time to :
- choose a stone
- if you're ordering a ring or a bracelet, we will take your size together
- you will fill in an order sheet (there'll be 1 part for you and one part for me)
- you will make the paiement*, and I will let you know when to expect your order to be ready
The jewel will then be shipped with insured shipping, to the address stated on your order sheet. 

*payment is to be made in cash only. I will have change if needed.
It is possible to withdraw money at the post office of Hamme-Mille - and there's a good chance you'll drive by it on your way.

There will be a maximum of 2-3 other people present at the same time with you during your half hour. While one will be looking at the stones, I'll answer the questions of another. While one will read a stone's properties, I'll check the size of another. While one fills in their order sheet, I'll take care of the payment of another,... Etc :)

This event is inspired by my experience at the Christmas market, where the same kind of rythme takes place throughout the day.

Of course if when you try on the original designs you don't feel entirely convinced - or if you don't find a stone that makes your heart sing (which I doubt :D), there is no obligation to buy anything :)

Thank you in advance for being on time, allowing a smooth flow of people present, and availability of my time.
If you cannot come or have a change of heart, please let me know asap so someone else can enjoy your spot. 


Good to know :

Stones : you will get to see and choose from all the stones offered on the website, as well as a very very large choice of other stones (I'll make my huge collection available to you!)
If you're into stones' properties, I'll have a book (in french) where you can look info about the stone that'll be making your heart sing.

Designs : these stones are offered exclusively for the designs out of the CYS collection (I do not offer personalized jewels anymore). You can check out the CYS designs on the website here.

Timing for the creation : CYS jewels generally require 3-4 weeks to be created. To see the current timing, check this page.
Your order will then be shipped with insured shipping. Shipping is free.
(Should you need the jewel by a specific time, let me know. I will happily accommodate if I can).

Terms and conditions : Jewels like these ordered during an event are considered personalized and cannot be returned nor exchanged.

Want to see other jewels in stock? Should you want to take advantage of our meeting to see and try on one of the jewels available in the in stock collection, please let me know ahead of time so I can prepare them for you. They might need some freshening up, and to be taken out of their sleeping place - and I won't have the time to do that during our meeting as I will be busy with the people present there. 
So don't hesitate to send me link(s) to the jewel(s) you're interested to see, without any pressure to buy them. I'll happily prepare them for the meeting.

Gift : Considering ordering a CYS design as a gift? Let me know ahead of time : I might have some useful tips to give you so you can prepare for the meeting and save some time!

Any question? Let me know below!