Story sales!

I've created so many unique pieces for this event, and I've thought of a way to make them accessible to those of you who don't have the possibility to come and see them in person at the market!

Mark your calendars for the following Wednesdays at 4pm :
Nov. 30th
Dec. 7th
Dec. 14th

During 3 weeks, every Wednesday at 4pm
I will share a series of unique pieces in my stories, both on Instagram & Facebook
with their prices and dimensions.
If you want to purchase it, answer saying "me!" + giving me your email address

You will receive a secret link by email, to order it on my website.
(This gives you the possibility to pay with many payment options & state your address details at once).

Try to place your order asap once you receive the link. 
At 10am the next day (on Thursday) I'll close the sale.

Shipping anywhere in Europe will be free, and I will ship it in the next 2 days after you place your order.
Orders arrive ready to gift.

I'm thinking to have a story sale with the following series:

- silver & gold
- casted leaves and organic elements
- Echo earrings
- Keira series
- OOAK bracelets & pendants with stones
- OOAK jewels with dried plants behind transparent stones

Though I'll adjust the selections depending on the availability on that day

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