Choose Your Stone ~ in person!

Come and choose a stone in person, to be turned into one of the designs of the Choose Your Stone collection!

Who's this event for?
For those of you who wish to order a CYS design, but aren't fully comfortable doing that online without seeing the stone first, or without trying on the design, or maybe you struggle figuring out your size.

I take a moment especially for you so that you can place your order in a way that suits you better : where you can see the stones, try on the original designs, and where I assist you in measuring your size.

Of course if when you try on the original designs you don't feel entirely convinced - or if you don't find a stone that makes your heart sing (which I doubt :D), there is no obligation to buy anything :)

The meeting takes place in Hamme-Mille (Belgium). 

Spots are limited,
 to ensure I can be available for each person coming. Reservation is needed : please fill in the form below.

The next date takes place :
Saturday April 15th, from 10:30am til 12. Subscriptions are already open. 

Available spots : 

10:30am : 2 spots
11am : full
11:30am : 1 spots 

The stones will be available to be turned into one of the designs out of the Choose Your Stone collection

You will be able to see and try the original designs on (the ones visible in the center of the stones on the website), so that you can feel if you like the design on yourself. 

In the case of rings and bracelets, we will measure your size together.
In the case of pendants, you will have the possibility to try the different lengths I offer.

You will be able to see and touch the stones offered on the website, as well as the rest of my huge collection of stones

If this new offering receives more enthusiasm, I might consider offering it from time to time throughout the year, before I leave for my new Spanish chapter :)

Should you be interested, but not available on the next date - let me know! This way I will keep it in mind to consider setting a new date. 

Want to save a spot? Fill in the form below (scroll down all the way below the pictures)! 
I will send you an email with all the infos you need.

And if you have any question, I'll happily get back to you quickly.

I look forward to spending that special moment with you :)